Centre on Emission Inventories and Projections

CEIP (the  EMEP Centre on Emission Inventories and Projections):

  • collects emissions and projections of acidifying air pollutants, heavy metals, particulate matter and photochemical oxidants from Parties to the LRTAP Convention
  • reviews submitted inventories in order to improve the quality of reported data
  • prepares data sets as input for long-range transport models
  • provides support to the Parties, UNECE secretariat and IC.

CEIP also operates the UNECE/EMEP emission database (WebDab) which contains information on emissions and projections from all Parties to the LRTAP Convention in separate data sets:

CEIP work builds on the emission related work within EMEP (Co-operative programme for monitoring and evaluation of long range transmission of air pollutants in Europe), close cooperation is maintained with the other EMEP centres like  CCC,  CIAM,  MSC-E and  MSC-W.  Important collaboration partners are also the  UNECE secretariat, the  TFEIP, the Austrian Ministry of Environment, the  EEA,  JRC Ispra and the European commission.

 EMEP - the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme is a scientifically based and policy driven programme under the CLRTAP for international co-operation to solve transboundary air pollution problems.

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 CLRTAP - The Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution has addressed some of the major environmental problems in the UNECE area. The Convention has been extended by  eight protocols  and has now  51 Parties. 

Last update: 18.12.2013