How to use RepDab

Check format, consistency  and completeness of your inventory before submitted to UNECE/CEIP.

  • Prepare your submission report as a ZIP or EXCEL file using the requested templates;
  • Remove the workbook protection on all files if it is activated (only in the old NFR02 templates): Go to Tools > Protect > Unprotect workbook. The password is: emep
  • Type in the e-mail address where you want the output file from RepDab (RepDab Report) to be sent;
  • Type in the file name of the ZIP or EXCEL file you want to check/process or select the file through the Browse button;
  • Click on the “Send File” button;
  • After approximately 5 minutes you should receive a RepDab Report in your e-mail inbox.

E-mail address

File to process

Check Grid Boundaries (Optional)

More information

The modified RepDab check is now able to scan data filled  in the new reporting format as specified in 'Annex IV - Reporting templates' of the 2008 Reporting Guidelines (ECE/EB.AIR/2008/4), except Table 2B and data in flat-file format.

RepDab still can be used to check data in the old NFR tables (Guidelines  ECE/EB.AIR/80).

For more information please read the RepDab Introduction.

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Last update: 26.02.2014