Emission Inventory Review 2012

Implementation of 2012 workplan was discussed during joint EEA / ETC-ACM / CEIP meeting in January 2012. The technical review process in 2012 will be carried out in three stages in line with EMEP Review guidelines. CEIP will provide results of Stage 1 and  Stage 2 review to all countries which submit data.

Comments to the reports and responses / answers to IEF related findings of the stage 2 review can be completed by Parties online, without the need to download and send back an Excel file.

The Parties (see  CEIP contact points) can use the same usernames and passwords as in previous years to access the national files at 'Review results 2012' .

Stage 1

Stage 1 results have been published by 23 March 2012. The individual stage 1 reports provide information on timeliness, formats, and completeness of CLRTAP and NECD inventories submitted under CLRTAP / NECD.

Stage 2

The more detailed  stage 2 tests  provide  information on the consistency, comparability, trends, IEFs and KCA of national inventories. Results have been  published  before end of May 2012.

Summary information from stage 1 and stage2 review is  presented in the CEIP & EEA technical Inventory review report 2012.

Stage 3

Inventories of 10 countries (Albania, Georgia, European Community, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) have been reviewed by 2 expert review teams (ERTs) from 25-29 June 2012 in Copenhagen.


More information

Please find a summary on Stage 1 and 2 review results for 2012 in the Inventory Review 2012 (EEA & CEIP)

Inventory Review Report 2012


Annex A - Status of reporting under NECD in 2012

Annex B - Recalculations of CLRTAP and NECD emission data in 2012

Annex C - Overview of gap-filling done in 2012 for the EMEP 2010 inventory

Annex D - Inventory Comparisons between CLRTAP, NECD and UNFCCC data for 1990 and 2010

Annex E - LPS reporting under CLRTAP until 2012

Annex F - Review of POP emission inventories in 2012

Please send your comments and questions to  CEIP.

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