Reporting Instructions

Article 8 of 1979 Convention:

„The Contracting Parties, within the framework of the Executive Body referred to in article 10 and bilaterally, shall, in their common interests, exchange available information on:

Data on emissions at periods of time to be agreed upon, of agreed air pollutants, starting with sulphur dioxide, coming from grid-units of agreed size; or on the fluxes of agreed air pollutants, starting with sulphur dioxide, across national borders, at distances and at periods of time to be agreed upon;….”

2018/2019 updates

Annex II  (template for IIR) has been revised by including table for reportig  inofrmation on condensable (to be used 2019 onwards).  

Annex I was developed and tested during 2018/2019 by TFEIP WG/CEIP.  Revised version after approved by EMEP SB, should be used for reporting under CLRTAP 2020 onwards.

2014 Reporting guidelines

At its thirty-second session (Geneva, 9–13 December 2013), the Executive Body for the LRTAP Convention adopted revised guidelines for reporting emissions and projections data under the Convention (2013 EB Decision: ECE/EB.AIR/122/Add.1,  2013/3 and 2013/4).

2014 Reporting guidelines (ECE/EB.AIR.125 [PDF, 194KB]) are adopted for application in 2015 and subsequent years. The document is a revised version of the 2009 Guidelines for Reporting Emission data under the Convention (ECE/EB.AIR/97), which were approved by the Executive Body in 2008 (ECE/EB.AIR/96, para. 83 (b)).

French [PDF, 142KB] and Russia [PDF, 291KB]n version of revised guidelines.

Here you can access  Annexes to the revised 2014 reporting guidelines.

Reporting Instructions

Emission inventory reporting shall cover all years from 1990 to N-2 (2000 onwards for PM).

Projections should be reported for NOx, NMVOC, SOx, NH3 and BC (where appropriate).


  • full time series of emissions (Annex I) annually by 15 February 
  • notification on new adjustment application (if applicable)  by 15 February
  • IIRs (Annex II) annually by 15 March 
  • projections (Annex IV) 2015 onwards every four years by 15 March
  • gridded data  (Annex V) 2017 onwards every four years by 1 May
  • supporting documentation for new  Adjustment application by 15 March
  • LPS information (Annex VI) 2017 onwards every four years by 1 May

EU may deliver emission and projections report by 30 April, its IIR by 30 May and its gridded data and LPS by 15 June.

For emissions from transport, all Parties should calculate emissions consistent with national energy balances reported to Eurostat or the International Energy Agency. Emissions from road vehicle transport should therefore be calculated on the basis of the fuel sold in the Party concerned. In addition, Parties may voluntarily calculate emissions from road vehicles based on fuel used or kilometres driven in the geographic area of the Party.

Parties are kindly invited to:

  1. forward their data in standardized format electronically to the EMEP Centre on Emission Inventories and Projections (CEIP) or alternatively upload it on the EIONET Central data depository maintained by EEA and
  2. inform the UNECE secretariat of the contents of their data submission by means of the notification form (Annex III [DOC]) (but without sending the data files to the secretariat).
  3. Parties are invited to check the formats with RepDab before submitting data to CEIP/EEA.


CEIP, on behalf of the Convention, communicates directly with CEIP contact points [PDF, 131KB] regarding any queries on Parties submission. Parties are kindly requested to reply to CEIP requests.

For reporting of emissions and projections Parties should solely use the latest version of the templates "NFR14" posted on the CEIP website as zip-file (17.4.2014) or as individual Annexes.

Questions or comments regarding the emission reporting can be sent to CEIP (technical questions on the data submitted) or to the UNECE secretariat (procedural issues).



Revised 2014 Reporting guidelines ECE/EB.AIR.125 [PDF]


EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook 2016 in English


EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook 2013 in English and Russian


EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook 2009 in English and Russian


Additional guidance on reporting [PDF, 495KB]


Other tools:
CollectER (maintained by EEA), COPERT (maintained by Emisia),
AP emission factor Library (maintained by SYKE)


mapping table linking categories of different reporting formats (NACE, SNAP, NFR14, NFR09, CRF, E-PRTR, GAINS/RAINS) was created by a team of Finnish and Estonian emission experts.


You are kindly invited to provide feedback to Kristina Saarinen and/or Ardi Link.