Interactive data viewers

The CEIP provides its users with data viewers to help with the analysis and visualisation of the officially reported emissions data submitted by countries under the LRTAP Convention. They provide users with a flexible, intuitive and user-friendly access to some of the data collated by the CEIP. These data viewers are interactive and include filters, pop-up information boxes and flexible disaggregation options. The data visualisation was developed in cooperation with Aether.


The officially reported emission data viewer provides a map and trend graph of emission estimates from 1990 to 2014. These are the officially reported data provided to CEIP up to 1th August 2016 and can differ for some countries from gap-filled emissions used in EMEP models. Memo items are not included in the figures. Pop-up boxes appear when the user hovers over the data. The trend graph can either be disaggregated by GNFR14 or NFR14 categories.



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