How to use RepDab

Check format, consistency and completeness of your inventory before submitted to UNECE/CEIP

  • Prepare your submission report as a ZIP (*.zip) or EXCEL file (*.xls or *.xlsx) using the requested templates;
  • Remove the workbook protection on all files if it is activated (only in the old NFR02 templates): Go to Tools > Protect > Unprotect workbook. The password is: emep
  • Type in the e-mail address where you want the output file from RepDab (RepDab Report) to be sent;
  • Type in the file name of the ZIP or EXCEL file you want to check/process or select the file through the Browse button;
  • Click on the “Send File” button;
  • After approximately 5 minutes you should receive a RepDab Report in your e-mail inbox.
E-mail address

File to process

Check Grid Boundaries (Optional)


The RepDab check is able to scan data filled in the new reporting format as specified in 'Annex IV - Reporting templates' of the 2008 Reporting Guidelines (ECE/EB.AIR/2008/4), except Table 2B and data in flat-file format.

RepDab still can be used to check data in the old NFR tables (Guidelines ECE/EB.AIR/80).

For more information please read the RepDab Introduction.