RepDab report - Explanatory Notes

At the top of the REPDAB Report, you will see which file you have processed, the processing date, followed by a color-coded overview of the results of the REPDAB tests.


The vertical axis of the table lists non-empty reporting tables that passed Tests 1.1 and 1.2; the horizontal axis lists all the years [19xx-latest year plus reporting year (for Table 2A)] processed. If the emission year was not provided in your file, "Year1?", "Year2?", etc. will appear.


Secondly, information is given on: file(s) that were not in the correct format and/or file(s) that were empty. Thereafter, a key source analysis table is shown by opening the link to the appropriate year in your browser.


Key Sources are defined in the Good Practice Guidance (GPG, page 17 in EMEP/CORINAIR Emission Inventory Guidebook - 2005 as sources which adds up to 80 % of the national total. In the tables we list for each year these key sources and the corresponding percentage. If there are more than 10 key sources, the number of sources left out from the tables is listed to the far right. Key Sources are generally displayed at the least aggregated sector level. If inconsistencies larger than 5 percent are found in the internal consistency test (see Test 2) above, only the aggregated sectors are taken into account.


Trend plots are displayed after in the key source analysis. If three years or more of data is submitted to RepDab, displays of national totals of main pollutants, PMs and priority HMs and POPs will be provided.


Finally, you will be given additional information on: format, completeness and internal consistency of the file(s), with scroll-down tables containing explanations per table and per year on the reason(s) the table did not pass one or more RepDab tests. The results of the format check are given first, followed by the results of the completeness and internal consistency checks.


When you have corrected your excel file(s) according to the feedback from REPDAB, all Tables should appear in green in the overview table.