Annexes to the Reporting Guidelines

This page provides summary information on Annexes to the 2014 Guidelines for Estimating and Reporting Emission Data


Annex I: Emissions reporting template [XLS, 152KB] - National totals and NFR sector emissions for main pollutants, PM, POPs, HMs and activity data


Annex II: Recommended structure for the Informative Inventory Report (IIR) - Documentation of methods, trends, recalculations, activity data and other information relevant for understanding the inventory. REVISED in 2018 


Annex III: Notification template [DOC, 93KB]to inform the UNECE secretariat of the contents of the data submission


Annex IV: Projections reporting template [XLS, 160KB] - Projected national emissions and activity parameters of main pollutants and PM


Annex V: Gridded emissions template [XLS, 136KB] - Gridded aggregated NFR sector data (GNFR)


Annex VI: LPS emissions template [XLS, 237KB] - LSP data for each relevant aggregated NFR sector (GNFR)


Annex VII: Adjustments summary template - Approved adjustments

Declaration on consistent reporting of approved adjustments



Extended guidance [PDF, 492KB] on reporting of national totals


ISO2 codes [PDF, 167KB] for countries and areas of the EMEP domain.


For reporting of emissions and projections Parties should solely use latest version of templates "NFR14".