Time Schedule

15 February
Inventory submission due by Parties. (EU may deliver by 30 April)


Joint meeting of the Extended Bureaux of EMEP SB and WGE (16-19 March 2015)


15 Feb - 15 March
Initial data checking for timeliness, format, completeness and consistency (CEIP). Questions to Parties.


15 March
IIR submission by Parties, (EU may deliver by 30 May)


Re-submission deadline (if applicable) by Parties to be included in the UNECE/EMEP database and in the modeling assessments for that year.


15-30 March
Stage 1 review. Country reports launched latest by 30 March


1 May
Gridded data and LPS data
submission due by Parties (EU may deliver by 15 June)


Draft expert estimates for modelers in 50x50 grid (16 April) - optional to be decided after EMEP bureau meeting


Implementation Committee


Annual TFEIP meeting


Review of inventories Stage 2. Launch of password-protected web site with country specific review results and questions (latest by 31 May).


May -June
Gridding of submitted emissions (0.1x0.1 long/lat) - Optional to be decided after EMEP bureau meeting


Parties provide comments to stage 1 and 2 review findings.


Annual update of WebDab.


CEIP document for SB on Present State of Emission Data. (15 June)


Stage 3 centralized review (likely in Copenhagen at EEA premises)


Review of submitted Adjustments (April) May -July

30 July
Manuscript of annual Review report to EMEP Steering Body


Data and Status report submitted to EMEP Steering Body for endorsement.


EMEP Steering Body meeting


Data and Status report (including results of review process) submitted to Executive Body for approval.


EMEP Executive Body


Update of webdab with late submissions