Review process

The review of data reported under CLRTAP is performed jointly with those reported under the revised National Emissions Ceilings Directive (2016/2284/EU). The detailed work plan is prepared annually in cooperation with European Environment Agency (EEA) and the TFEIP Expert Panel on Review. The technical review of submitted data is carried out in three stages in line with Updated methos and procedures for the technical review of air pollutant Emission inventories  reported under Convention (EMEP EB decision 2008/1). [PDF, 223KB]

  • Stage 1: An initial check of submissions for timeliness, completeness and formats; results are published in March
  • Stage 2: A synthesis and assessment of all national submissions with respect to consistency , comparability, KCA, trends and IEFs of data with recommendations for data quality improvement; results are published in March and updated in April
  • Stage 3: In-depth reviews of selected inventories, by pollutant, country or sector, as in the workplan approved by the EMEP Steering Body. Up to 10 countries are checked annually by 2 review teams.

All Parties are invited to check findings of the review process during all three stages, provide feedback to CEIP and if necessary resubmit corrected data to CEIP/CDR. At each stage, national experts (see CEIP contact points [PDF, 131KB]) have the opportunity to clarify issues or provide additional information.


Comments to the S1 and S2 review findings can be completed by Parties online, without the need to download and send back an Excel File. The Parties can use the same usernames and passwords (provided to CEIP contact points) as in previous years to access the national files at 'Review results' (2009-2017).


Parties can also express their views during meetings of the Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections (TFEIP).


All findings and review reports are published on the site review results. Stage 2 review results are password protected until end of June. After countries had sufficient time to provide comments the stage 2 reports will be un-protected.


Methodology report [PDF, 2.4MB] provides an overview of the review methods.


Summary of annual review findings is published regularly in the CEIP&EEA Inventory Review reports.


Findings of the in-depth reviews are published in form of country review reports before annual EMEP EB meetings.