Stage 3 country reports 2008 onwards

Centralised in-depth review of emission inventories (CLRTAP and NECD) is performed annually since 2008. The two expert review teams (ERTs) check NFR tables and IIRs submitted by Parties under CLRTAP and NECD. Up to 10 Parties are reviewed annually. The findings of ETRs are compiled in individual country reports and sent to countries for consideration.

All countries have 4 weeks to provide feedback to CEIP. ERTs consider comments and update reports if needed. The final country review reports are published on the CEIP website as PDF documents and can be downloaded via the following links:

Review round 2018-2020


Albania, Georgia, Norway,  Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey

Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro did not provide any data to EMEP/CEIP, review was canceled


EU, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland,


Armenia [ZIP, 550KB], Azerbaijan [ZIP, 742KB], Belarus [ZIP, 712KB], Finland [PDF, 542KB], Moldova [ZIP, 734KB]Ukraine [ZIP, 1.0MB]
Montenegro- no data since 2011, review of Montenegro  moved to 2019

2nd review round 2013 - 2017


Albania [PDF, 548KB], Austria [PDF, 532KB], European Union [PDF, 569KB], Kazakhstan [PDF, 567KB], Kyrgyzstan [ZIP, 628KB], Lichtenstein [PDF, 682KB], Malta [PDF, 840KB], Monaco [PDF, 507KB]


Estonia [PDF, 541KB], Georgia [PDF, 502KB], Iceland [PDF, 599KB], Luxembourg [PDF, 531KB], North Macedonia [PDF, 587KB], Serbia [PDF, 537KB], Switzerland [PDF, 602KB], Turkey [PDF, 573KB], United Kingdom [PDF, 555KB]


Azerbaijan [PDF, 503KB], Belarus [PDF, 563KB], Czechia [PDF, 558KB], Ireland [PDF, 575KB], Republic of Moldova [PDF, 602KB], The Netherlands [PDF, 733KB], Slovakia [PDF, 561KB], Slovenia [PDF, 552KB], Ukraine [PDF, 430KB]



Belgium [PDF, 540KB], Croatia [PDF, 577KB], Cyprus [PDF, 515KB], Denmark [PDF, 530KB], Greece [PDF, 511KB], Germany, [PDF, 627KB] Hungary [PDF, 515KB]Spain [PDF, 519KB]



Bulgaria [PDF, 520KB], France [PDF, 496KB], Italy, [PDF, 438KB] Latvia [PDF, 594KB], Lithuania [PDF, 561KB], Norway [PDF, 521KB], Poland [PDF, 569KB], Portugal [PDF, 452KB], Romania, [PDF, 480KB] Sweden [PDF, 514KB]

First review round 2008-2012

All countries (44 form 51) which reported sufficient data have been reviewed during first round of in-depth technical reviews.



Albania [PDF, 516KB], European Union [PDF, 640KB], Georgia [PDF, 424KB], Lichtenstein [PDF, 489KB], Malta [PDF, 562KB], Moldova [PDF, 595KB], Monaco [PDF, 529KB], Montenegro [PDF, 484KB], Serbia [PDF, 562KB], Turkey [PDF, 527KB]



Belarus [PDF, 681KB], Croatia [PDF, 510KB], Czechia [PDF], Estonia [PDF, 563KB], Greece [PDF, 522KB], Iceland [PDF, 481KB], Luxembourg [PDF, 540KB]North Macedonia [PDF, 507KB], Slovenia [PDF, 505KB], Ukraine [PDF, 479KB]



Austria [PDF, 457KB], Cyprus [PDF, 439KB]Germany [PDF, 416KB], Italy [PDF, 498KB], Netherlands [PDF, 496KB], Romania [PDF, 389KB],
Russian Federation [PDF, 511KB] --> Comments [PDF, 150KB],
Slovakia [PDF, 419KB], Switzerland [PDF, 444KB], United Kingdom [PDF, 433KB]



Belgium [PDF, 317KB], Bulgaria [PDF, 296KB], Denmark [PDF, 282KB], Finland [PDF, 268KB], Hungary [PDF, 292KB], Ireland [PDF, 349KB], Latvia [PDF, 318KB], Lithuania [PDF, 296KB], Poland [PDF, 306KB], Spain [PDF, 317KB]



France [PDF, 220KB], Norway [PDF, 276KB], Portugal [PDF, 241KB], Sweden [PDF, 235KB]