Status of reporting under CLRTAP

Parties to the LRTAP Convention are invited to report annual emission data by 15 February and informative inventory reports (IIRs) by 15 March.


The overview tables for individual years present most recent data as submitted under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP) in this year.


UNECE National Focal Points

CLRTAP Inventory Submissions

--> 2019 submissions            --> 2018 submissions


--> 2017 submissions            --> 2016 submissions


--> 2015 submissions            --> 2014 submissions


--> 2013 submissions            --> 2012 submissions


--> 2011 submissions            --> 2010 submissions


--> 2009 submissions            --> 2008 submissions

Explanatory notes:

Fist column lists all Parties to the CLRTAP. The date of initial submission is indicated in the second column of each table. Column three provides information on reporting of IIRs.


Column four shows the most recent emission data in the format as provided by the Party (NFR tables or other format). The date indicates the submission of these particular data. The last column indicates the provision of the Notification form to the UNECE secretariat.


Linked inventory reports (IIR) and inventories are the most recent versions submitted by Parties and are replaced if a newer or revised version is provided. Each download is packed in a ZIP archive, even if it contains only one file.


An empty column indicates that a Party did not submit particular information in this year.


LRTAP Convention and its related Protocols - Status of ratification.


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