NEWS: Revised reporting guidelines

At its thirty-second session (Geneva, 9–13 December 2013), the Executive Body for the LRTAP Convention adopted guidelines for reporting emissions and projections data under the Convention (ECE/EB.AIR/122/Add.1, decisions 2013/3 and 2013/4).

The present document (ECE/EB.AIR.125) contains the guidelines document as adopted for application in 2015 and subsequent years. The document is a revised version of the Guidelines for Reporting Emission data under the Convention (ECE/EB.AIR/97), which were approved by the Executive Body in 2008 (ECE/EB.AIR/96, para. 83 (b)).

Revised Annexes will be published soon.

Reporting Instructions

According to the workplan for the implementation of the LRTAP Convention, Parties to the Convention are invited to report on their annual emission and activity data, together with projected national total emissions of main pollutants, activity data and updates regarding data for earlier years by 15 February.  Informative Inventory Reports (IIRs) are due by 15 March. Gridded data and LPS information should be submitted every 5-years by 1 March. EU may deliver emissions, gridded data and LPS data by 30 April and IIR by 30 May. Parties are kindly invited to:

  1. forward their data in standardised format electronically to the EMEP Centre on Emission Inventories and Projections (CEIP) or alternatively upload it on the EIONET Central data depository maintained by EEA and
  2. inform the UNECE secretariat of the contents of their data submission by means of the notification form (but without sending the data files to the secretariat).
  3. Parties are invited to check the formats with RepDab before submitting data to CEIP/EEA.

CEIP, on behalf of the Convention, communicates directly with CEIP contact points regarding any queries on Parties submission. Parties are kindly requested to reply to CEIP requests.

Reporting templates have been revised in January 2009. For reporting of emissions and projections Parties should solely use the latest version of the templates "NFR09" (dated 30.9.2009) posted on the CEIP website.

Questions or comments regarding the emission reporting can be sent to  CEIP (technical questions on the data submitted) or to the  UNECE secretariat (procedural issues).

Letter to the Parties

A letter from UNECE, Environment, Housing and Land Management Division together with an EMEP/CLRTAP Emission inventory notification form is sent annualy in November to the Heads of Delegation of the Executive Body of the Convention to initiate the next reporting round and to provide instructions for reporting. A copy of these documents is sent by e-mail to the members of the EMEP Steering Body and to the designated emission expert from each Party.

Reporting Guidelines (ECE/EB.AIR/97) for Estimating and Reporting Emission Data under CLRTAP in  English,  French and  Russian (revised 27 January 2009).

Annexes to the Guidelines 

EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook 2013 in  English

Other tools:
 CollectER,  COPERT
AP emission factor  Library

EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook 2009 in  English and  Russian

More information

Here you can download a table for the mapping between SNAP - NFR09 - GNFR

A Finnish team of emission experts created a mapping table linking categories of different reporting formats (SNAP/NFR/CRF/E-PRTR) which you can download here.

You are invited to provide feedback to the F innish experts and/or  CEIP.

Last update: 14.04.2014